Capital Crossroads

The vision plan for Greater Des Moines & Central Iowa

Cultural, business & government initiatives in central Iowa

In 2011, regional leaders laid out a bold but achievable vision for Central Iowa, a vision pushing residents to dream big and not settle for good enough, to think long term and work together. This vision is known as Capital Crossroads. Capital Crossroads aims to provide positive opportunities for development in our neighborhoods, local businesses, agriculture, education system, health programs, community engagement, culture, infrastructure, local and state government, and environment.

Central Iowa is a region with serious momentum. Since Capital Crossroads launched, the region has notched hundreds of implementation successes across its ten Capitals—our work platforms. National rankings and accolades have become a regular occurrence as a result, and we celebrate this recognition. We focus our efforts toward developing successful businesses, regional and statewide policies, and cultural initiatives in order to keep our community on the fast-track. The implementation of Capital Crossroads has been the most “ambitious, aggressive, comprehensive, and effective” community initiatives campaign our consultant has ever seen. Join our initiatives and see Central Iowa rise to even greater achievements!

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In 2012, eight community organizations joined together to launch Capital Crossroads, the latest in a series of regional visioning efforts dating back to 1990. The strategy was to build on this strong history of visioning while taking the Central Iowa community to the next level. Thus, Capital Crossroads combines successful existing strategies with new ideas.

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As we look to the next five years, Capital Crossroads aims to take Central Iowa to even greater levels of achievement. Explore our Capitals and join an initiative you’re passionate about.

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