Capital Crossroads will host a conversation with Bruce Katz, founding director of the Brookings Metropolitan Planning Program, on May 5. Katz is also the co-author of the book The Metropolitan Revolution, which looks a the emerging metropolitan-led “next economy” and its practitioners around the country working to produce more and better jobs driven by innovation, exports, and sustainability.

The premise of The Metropolitan Revolution is that community leaders across the country continually face huge challenges that Washington either cannot or will not address. As a result, groups of metropolitan leaders are stepping up and moving the nation forward. These leaders are working to create jobs and help their communities flourish. Katz will speak about the concepts of the book in hopes that attendees can learn and apply the lessons to contribute to the continued economic growth of Greater Des Moines.

“This visit by Bruce Katz will allow us to facilitate a conversation on the efforts of Central Iowa leaders and residents to continually advance our community,” said Capital Crossroads Tri-Chair and Polk County Supervisor Angela Connolly. “Our hope is that event attendees will be able to apply the ideas in order to understand why our region has been successful in economic development efforts, and what we need to do to continue that success.”

“People who read “The Metropolitan Revolution” and attend the discussion with Bruce Katz will quickly realize that our community has already been living its own metropolitan revolution similar to many of the cities studied in the book. The ability and willingness of our community leaders to come together, plan for the future and collaborate has been an asset for Central Iowa,” said Kristi Knous, President of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines and a Capital Crossroads Tri-Chair. “We must push to continue our community’s success, and understanding the concepts in this book will help us do so.”

The discussion will be held at the Windsor Heights Community Center. To view more details or to register, go to