Central Iowa Communities are currently on different building and maintenance code cycles and have different code provisions that can make it difficult and confusing for businesses, developers, and residents to understand and follow code requirements. The purpose of the Central Iowa Code Consortium (CICC) is to provide a process whereby government and business/industry work together to improve consistency among metro communities in the development, adoption and enforcement of construction and maintenance codes.

Through the CICC code review process, a metro “model” code that promotes uniformity and consistency for all participating communities will be created. This project does NOT intend to make recommendations on the permit process, code administration, appeals processes, or local amendments deemed necessary by local code officials. Participating communities will have the final say on the code and code provisions that are adopted for their community. The Code Consortium will provide the following benefits to Participating Communities and business/industry:

  1. Government and the private sector working together toward having a common voice in code development
  2. Similar and consistent code provisions among Participating Communities
  3. Assure key stakeholders are involved in the discussion regarding city codes
  4. Utilization of local subject matter experts representing the public and private sector in reviewing and recommending code provisions
  5. More efficiency and consistency regarding code interpretation and enforcement among Participating Communities
  6. More consistency and less confusion among businesses, developers, designers, architects and citizens that work in multiple jurisdictions

The key to the success of the CICC is the involvement of business/industry and government officials in an open and honest dialog in the code review process. The full 2015 year end summary is available here.