The executive committee for the Central Iowa Code Consortium (CICC) announced that starting April 6, 2018 code proposals will be accepted for all of the widely adopted construction and maintenance codes (ICC, select NFPA Codes, as well as the UPC). During the upcoming months seven code committees, made up of local government and industry representatives, will review the 2018 editions of the International Codes as well as local proposed changes to those codes. Anyone can submit code proposals through the on-line submission form located here. The online form will be open for proposal submissions from April 6 through July 6, 2018.

The CICC is a collaborative effort between all participating communities to review code changes, recommend changes to these codes, and produce a metro “model” code for all communities to consider through their local code adoption process. This project does not propose to make recommendations on permit process, code administration, appeals processes, or specific local amendments deemed necessary by local code officials. This goal is to publish a metro code that would promote uniformity and consistency between local communities.

The CICC is continuing past successes relating collaborative code review. The CICC previously reviewed 400+ proposals for the 2015 codes and recommended 10 model codes with uniform amendments for participating communities to adopt.