GREATER DES MOINES, IA (Nov. 16, 2021) โ€“ The Executive Committee for the Central Iowa Code Consortium announced that 12 communities in the Central Iowa region have signed the memorandum of understanding which recognizes the Central Iowa Code Consortium (CICC). Two additional communities are expected to execute the MOU in the next few weeks. The CICC is a collaborative effort to improve consistency in the adoption and enforcement of construction codes in the many communities that make up the region. This idea was first brought forth through the Capital Crossroads planning effort as one of the five pilot projects looking into the possibilities of local government collaboration. The CICC has successfully guided the region through the 2015 and 2018 code adoption processes. The Executive Committee is busy working through the schedule for the 2021 process.

The CICC continues to be a collaborative effort between all participating communities to review code changes, recommend changes to these codes, and produce a metro โ€œmodelโ€ code for all communities to consider through their local code adoption process. This project does not make recommendations on permit processes, code administration, local appeals processes or specific local amendments deemed necessary by local code officials. The goal has been and continues to be to publish a regional code that would promote uniformity and consistency between local communities.

The principal benefits of the CICC are: shared resources during new code review which results in reductions in staff time required for each community, consistency between jurisdictional lines, and incorporating industry in the process which will help to ensure codes are fair and that controversial topics will have been resolved at the regional level rather than each municipality.

The CICC is currently soliciting applications from industry and local government staff to participate in the code review and drafting process. The announcement and committee application is posted on the CICC website:

To learn more about the Central Iowa Code Consortium, please contact Capital Crossroads Director Britney Appelgate at

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