GREATER DES MOINES, IA (July 20, 2021) – Capital Crossroads and the DSM USA 4 Equity Collective are excited to announce the selection of Arrowhead Consulting, LLC and the organization’s Senior Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Kuma Roberts, to work alongside community stakeholders as the region seeks to develop measurable equity initiatives.

The DSM USA 4 Equity Collective is an effort developed through Capital Crossroads and is comprised of a broad range of community stakeholders purposefully selected to engage in the development of a metric system that seeks to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in all community efforts. Working in partnership with Arrowhead Consulting, the Collective seeks to develop tools, plans and goals that can build more equitable practices across businesses and communities. The Collective aims to assist our region in developing long-term metrics and indicators to gauge progress towards DEI efforts.

“Our region can and must do better to create meaningful change in racial equity,” said Collective Tri-Chair Renee Hardman. “We are excited to welcome Kuma and Arrowhead Consulting, LLC to our region and look forward to their leadership and guidance as we develop a roadmap we can all follow as we strive to get to our destination of a Greater Des Moines where all are welcomed, supported and given an opportunity to thrive.”

Adds fellow Tri-Chair Marta Codina, “We look forward to the opportunity to listen and learn from stakeholders as we seek to identify opportunities to coordinate with existing efforts, while being mindful of gaps that must be addressed to move our region forward in intentional ways. We are committed to making this opportunity more than the development of a report, but rather moving our region into action as we invest in current initiatives and taking collective action to make DEI a critical component of our community.”

“Our community has long benefited from the tireless work of advocates and leaders who have sought to make our region a place where diversity, equity and inclusion are the themes that connect us all. It is our privilege to come alongside community stakeholders to support their tireless efforts by leaning in to shifts in policy and practices that will lead to a more inclusive Central Iowa. This collaborative approach seeks to us bring us towards lasting, enduring and transformative change,” said Collective Tri-Chair Tanner Krause.

By coming together to create a master plan that includes outcomes, policies and action steps that can be adopted by all businesses, councils, organizations and jurisdictions, community leaders can strive, in tangible ways, to make Central Iowa a place where are all members of the community are welcomed, valued and given equal opportunities to thrive.

To learn more about the Collective or to get involved in its work, reach out to Britney Samuelson (