Capital Crossroads Roadmap

The Next Step Forward

Beginning in the June 2022, Capital Crossroads launched the next regional vision and action plan undertaken by a broad cross-section of community leaders from the private, public, nonprofit, and social sectors. Through a robust landscape analysis of current plans around Central Iowa, stakeholder engagement, and public listening sessions, the Capital Crossroads Roadmap was created.

The Capital Crossroads Roadmap is the culmination of robust and inclusive research and input from local leaders in the business, educational, nonprofit, public, and social sectors. It is meant to serve as a rallying cry not only to enhance and celebrate work that is already underway, but also to reaffirm a set of regional goals, create new community connections, establish partnerships, and provide spaces and timelines to share successes and pivot as new challenges arise.

This Capital Crossroads Roadmap provides a comprehensive vision to inspire community members, leaders, and organizations to focus on a few select goals that are critical to our region’s future success. Just as a crossroads is the intersection of two paths, the philosophy that informs this roadmap is that this plan will both strengthen our community’s foundations and engage in meaningful placemaking.

A fundamental goal is prioritizing investments in education, housing, and our youth to reduce disparities within our communities and establish sustainable channels to prosperity and wellbeing. Simultaneously, there is strong support for ongoing placemaking efforts aimed at developing attractions and amenities. These endeavors not only elevate the quality of life for our neighbors but also fortify regional distinctiveness, drive economic growth, and attract and retain top talent.

Our mission is deeply rooted in a commitment to regionalism, equity, and inclusion, driven by a united effort of individuals dedicated to advancing equity in our regional communities.

This Capital Crossroads Roadmap is structured as follows: it begins with an overview of the people and processes that were mobilized to discern regional priorities. Based on the resulting issues and opportunities, four Capital Crossroads Cornerstones were designed as overarching focus areas for action. They include:
• Economic Opportunity and Prosperity
• Community and Cultural Connections
• Thriving Neighborhoods
• Youth Investment

Read the full report here: Capital Crossroads Roadmap for Central Iowa – FINAL REPORT

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