The Cultivation Corridor transformed into what it is today after being created as the “Capital Corridor” in the initial Capital Crossroads plan. Since then, the Cultivation Corridor developed and implemented its first Strategic Vision framework and has become Central Iowa’s – and the State of Iowa’s – signature agricultural biosciences marketing program.

Focuses during the first three years of strategic activity:

  • Building awareness
  • Economic development
  • Strategic innovation
  • Resource aggregation
  • Policy leadership

In the fall of 2016, the Corridor’s Board of Directors unveiled its Strategic Framework 2019. This work plan serves as the Capital Crossroads 2.0 Cultivation Corridor strategy for the next three years.

The Cultivation Corridor will pursue feasible opportunities to support beneficial policy development and build Central Iowa’s startup opportunities, even though these are not official aspects of the Cultivation Corridor work plan. The Cultivation Corridor will also participate in startup programs and develop relationships with ag-focused venture capital funds and managers.

Capital's Overarching Goal

Central Iowa will become the global center for agricultural technology and associated employment.

Represented the region at the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

May 2014

The Cultivation Corridor partnered with the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the Iowa Biotechnology Association in attending the Bio Industry Organization’s 11th annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 12-15, 2014.

Promoting the Development of Iowa Agriculture

Desired Goal

Boost exposure for Iowa's agricultural innovation and development.

Implementing the Cultivation Corridor economic development strategy

Collaborations with the partners listed below are key mandates of the Cultivation Corridor work. Lead-generation will be achieved through external travel to trade shows, conferences, and priority target markets, with the management of leads coordinated with partner economic development organizations in Central Iowa.

Principal partners:

  • Ames Economic Development Commission
  • Greater Des Moines Partnership
  • Iowa Economic Development Authority
  • Iowa State University Office of Economic Development and Industry Relations

How We'll Do It

  1. 1

    Continue to leverage partnerships with public and private entities to bring agbio and agtech capital, jobs, and research to the Corridor

Actively promoting the Cultivation Corridor brand

As we’ve done during Cultivation Corridor’s first three years, we will continue to promote our brand and Central Iowa’s value proposition as a global center of agbio and agtech investment, talent, and research. Efforts will seek to diversify Corridor membership while broadening access to regional resources.

How We'll Do It

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    Increase brand awareness among targeted audiences

Supporting agbio and agtech innovation

The presence of Iowa State University and other research-intensive entities is a key component to making the Cultivation Corridor and the region a globally competitive entity for ag-based companies and talent.

Innovations in products, processes, and services will help transform the production of food and fuel in the coming decades, and the Cultivation Corridor will play a selective, targeted role in advancing these discoveries and then marketing them domestically and internationally.

How We'll Do It

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    Develop and execute programming that fosters the development of high-value ag technologies