Building Leadership, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Civility in Iowa

Many feel that Central Iowa’s culture of collaborative leadership is the key ingredient that has driven the region’s ascendance as an increasingly prominent destination of choice. Therefore, the Social Capital has been tasked with ensuring that a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens is used when envisioning, designing, and implementing projects across the region.


Capital's Overarching Goal

Central Iowa will become the gold standard of the successful 21st century region.

4 Equity Tool Created to Aid in Regional Decision Making

January 2019

Central Iowa stands 4 Equity. To build a more equitable and inclusive region we are beginning with a focus on racial equity. We ask leaders to commit to using this tool when presented with a decision-making moment for plans and activities. This is the first step in creating an inclusive Central Iowa.

Supporting a More Diverse Iowa

Establishing community goals for leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and civility

Capital Crossroads represents a comprehensive initiative inclusive of Central Iowa’s principal strategic focus areas. The Social Capital has and should continue to inform and advance the three critical drivers of success in Capital Crossroads’ implementation:

  1. Leadership
  2. Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  3. Civility

The first step in this process should be building grassroots discussions and participation to drive deep understanding of key issues before positive and lasting progress can be made.

How We'll Do It

  1. 1

    Assess and confirm a conceptual framework for Social Capital action

  2. 2

    Reach agreement on priorities affecting Social Capital focus areas

  3. 3

    Set community goals around leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and civility to drive strategic activities

Leveraging and enhancing existing efforts

The desire to establish Central Iowa as a national best practice in leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and civility should be balanced with the acknowledgement that these are challenging, complicated, and far-reaching concepts that could take generations to achieve lasting change. Patience, persistence, and a sustained, coalition-based collaboration will be necessary for success.

It is critical that the community of Central Iowa recognizes, celebrates, and continues to lift up successes since Capital Crossroads’ inception. This includes staff and volunteer efforts to ensure Social Capital initiatives are complementary, non-duplicative, and allow for positive impact in the growth of the individuals and groups that participate.

How We'll Do It

  1. 1

    Formalize strategies to achieve established goals

Confirming strategic implementation dynamics and outcomes

Actively and successfully advancing a coordinated effort to improve leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and civility in all aspects of the Central Iowa community and professional life will be a daunting task. Organizations must engage in the overall initiative as well as its components. Implementation resources must be identified and sustained, and activities must be tracked, measured, reported, and enhanced as work proceeds on the action plan.

How We'll Do It

  1. 1

    Define a framework for implementing the Social Capital action plan

  2. 2

    Determine desired outcomes and metrics of coordinated leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and civility strategic implementation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources