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"The diversity of engagement fosters a community that benefits all citizens."
—Mary Chapman

Get Involved In Central Iowa

Central Iowa’s success is derived from a spirit of collaboration that permeates the region. The same holds true for Capital Crossroads. Our dedicated volunteers across Central Iowa drive our work and truly brings the Capital Crossroads vision to life. Each of our volunteer opportunities addresses the goals set forth by our Capitals.

Since Capital Crossroads initially launched, we’ve collectively made significant achievements to the Greater Des Moines Area. Because of these successes, we’ve raised the bar and now need your help to meet future challenges and embrace the opportunities Central Iowa has to offer. Explore our volunteer opportunities!

What They Have To Say

“It has provided one more link to be helpful in the area's growth.”

—Michael Sadler, CenturyLink

Stay Engaged with a Capital Crossroads Project

Promote Mental Health

Join us as we foster discussions about eliminating stigma and increasing services for mental health in Central Iowa. This initiative involves many Capitals, primarily the Wellness Capital.

Water Trails

Stay up-to-date on the Central Iowa Water Trails project, which includes more than 80 sites around the region, including a Downtown adventure park.

Promote Diversity

Join our dedication to weaving diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the work of Capital Crossroads. This initiative involves all ten of our Capitals, as inclusion and diversity are key to having a healthy community.

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